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Meet Talisa

I am Talisa Angel Garcia, the Founder, and Owner of Mama Mable's™ Body Butter. For many years I have made whipped body butter for personal use sharing for free with my close friends and colleagues whenever asked. That changed in November of 2016, when my beloved mother Mable was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

Desiring for Mama to use more natural products as I had been using for years, I began making my whipped body butter for her. In February of 2017, during a conversation with Mama, she told me how much she loved my whipped body butter.

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Mama said that I should make whipped body butter for cancer patients that are going through chemotherapy. When I asked why, Mama explained that it would help to condition their skin. She began explaining to me the changes that the skin goes through due to chemotherapy, and/or radiation treatments. After listening to what Mama said, I quickly told her that I would do it. I would make my Body butter to help people in need.

I lost my Beloved Mother in July 2017. However, I have kept my word to her. Every time I have encountered someone going through chemotherapy due to cancer, I have made them Mama Mable's Body Butter for free. Now on a larger scale, I am now providing Cancer Centers with Mama Mable's Body Butter for free. All handmade just as I did for my Beloved Mother

Just as Mama Mable's Body Butter loved on my Beloved Mother's skin, and just as it continues to love on my skin when applied, Mama Mable's Body Butter will Love on You.

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