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The Importance of Trademarking Your Name:

There have been some changes made to the name of my brand. This is due to a dispute I have been dealing with for a few years. Mable is the name of my Beloved Mother. Before my Beloved Mother passed in 2017, I shared with her the name of the brand I would create, Mable's Body Butter. I shared the exact logo and colors with her. After losing my Beloved, when I finally got to a place where I wasn't consumed with grief and could entirely focus on my promise to Mama on a larger scale, I applied for a Trademark named Mable. One month before my trademark submission, another entrepreneur applied for the name Mabel.

Although the name was spelled differently than mine, and it was for a medicated product, it was determined by the examining attorney that my name was too close to the name of the other trademark applied for by someone else. This issue is one that I have been battling for a few years now. However, moving forward and sharing my brand with the world is more important than continuing a fight that I won't win.

With that said, the new name of my brand is now "Mama Mable's Body Butter." Mama Mable's Body Butter is the same product, with the same health benefits inspired by the same person who told me to make my product to help people before passing away from Breast Cancer. Mama Mable is my Beloved Mother.

Stay tuned. There's more to come!

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